Radio Vaticana, 8 luglio h. 20.00

Lunedì 8 luglio alle ore 20:00, ospite di Pierluigi Morelli al programma “Tastiere” di Radio Vaticana, presenterò il doppio album di concerti amburghesi di CPE Bach al clavicordo, pubblicato da Da Vinci Classics.

Association of the Italians in Romania (2008)

Website of the “Association of the Italians in Romania” (engl. Transl), RO.AS.IT., Jan 2008

A concert of the “Duo Sebes” –  Giovanni De Cecco, piano and Francesco Socal, clarinet,- was listed  in the programme of the month of February of the Italian Institute of Culture (Bucharest). A concert like many others, you might have thought, and yet it was not. The two Italian musicians enchanted us immensely and filled our hearts with joy. They did it through their music and through the way in which they were capable of captivating the audience that filled the concert hall.
The rapturous applause, or better the cheers of enthusiasm created an atmosphere of  conviviality towards the two young artists, which is seldom found.
What generated this success? I will try to explain it simply, presenting the two musicians and especially the music they performed. [-] The friendliness of the pianist Giovanni De Cecco contributed to the warmth of the atmosphere, in  the way he presented the programme and introduced the single pieces, in…the Romanian language! The audience was conquered by the pianist’s accurate language, characterized by a slight Italian accent. But they also liked Francesco Socal and his “impishness”  during the concert.”

Il Gazzettino (2008)

Marco Maria Tosolini, Il Gazzettino (engl. transl.), 24th Jan 2008

Powerful and feral or lyrical and vibrating, whenever necessary, and perfectly in harmony with the violinist’s executive verve, was the sound of De Cecco’s piano. The young musician from Udine is bringing to the world the sensual heartbreaking music of Eastern Europe (the duo have just arrived from Istanbul and are about to leave for Stockholm). There was a long applause by the large deeply moved audience.“

Ziar Indipendent de Cluj 2008

Michaela Bocu, Faclia, Ziar Indipendent de Cluj (engl. transl.), 3rd Feb 2008

“De Cecco and Jeszensky, two talented musicians with a classical background, but who have developed a passion for klezmer music, as well as that of Romania’s and in general the Balkans’ “lautari”, including also authentic gypsy music. In their recent concert at Tonitza hall of [Cluj’s] Art Museum, the two musicians performed in the piano – ‘vioara cu goarna’ and piano – violin formulas, well known as well as inedited pieces, showing an interesting approach full of magic, animated more by emotion than by stylistic virtuosity; thus nearer to life, joy and at the same time suffering”